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Debt Management

Publications of Central government debt

Created : 18.07.2017. Updated: 04.12.2023.

The Treasury regularry is preparing different reports on Debt management.

Central Government Debt Management Monthly Bulletins starting from January 2023 are available here
Latest Bulletin with data of the previous month is available after 20th of each month.
To choose year and month, please use:
To choose the language (LV or ENG), please use: 
Navigation between the pages is ensured by the navigation buttons at the bottom of the Bulletin:
The Bulletin also can be downloaded in PDF:


Quarterly Bulletins from 2011 till 2022 are available here.


For regular notifications about the Treasury’s Debt Management Monthly Bulletin, please send the request to the e-mail

Reports are available here
Weekly updates are available here
Investor presentation is available here