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Debt Management

GMTN programme

Created : 18.07.2017. Updated: 21.05.2024.

Latvia has established Global Medium Term Note programme

Latvia has established its first Global Medium Term Note (GMTN) programme.

The GMTN programme is a legal framework of standardised issuance documentation that facilitates borrowing activities - issuance of public benchmark bonds and private placements in the international capital market.

The GMTN programme conforms to Latvia`s borrowing principle - ensuring flexibility to take advantage of favourable market conditions.

The GMTN programme is a multi-currency programme, with no expiry date and is unlimited in amount.

The Offering Circular dated 7 June 2013, the Supplements to the Offering Circular dated 10 January 2014, 31 May 2017, 22 May 2018, 11 February 2019, 26 March 2020, 8 October 2020, 9 March 2021 and 1 December 2021 and the Information Statement dated 20 May 2024 here in one document.