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Operational Strategy

Created : 25.09.2017. Updated: 28.08.2023.

The Treasury, in line with the legal framework, for the purposes of implementing the delegation prescribed by the Law on Budget and Financial Management and the functions and tasks set out in the Regulations of the Treasury Regulations, for the fulfilment thereof within the scope of the planned financing, has developed the Operational Strategy of the Treasury 2023-2026 – a medium-term planning and management document.

During the period of the Strategy, the activities of the Treasury will be focussed on:

  • principles of sustainable development;
  • modern services and technologies;
  • further digital transformation of processes.

The existing operational directions have been restructured into four operational priorities, defining their objectives and results:

  • Sustainable core activity – the sustainability aspects will be the main focus of the Treasury, when planning the development of services and functions;
  • Digital transformation and customers – the Treasury will continue digital transformation both in its core processes and in its services to customers, fostering the further growth of the level of digital maturity;
  • Efficiency and data – the Treasury is continuously evolving to implement both its own development projects and the ever-changing environmental requirements of the industry and the European Union regarding services, technologies and information security;
  • Innovation and corporate governance – the principles of sound corporate governance form an essential basis for the successful functioning of the Treasury: the internal control system, quality management system, descriptions of processes and procedures, integrated risk management and the role of internal audit, high requirements for observing the internal culture and code of ethics and the response of the management to breaches thereof. The Treasury will shape an environment to encourage staff to proactively follow both industry and technological development.